Web Design

In today’s IT age a website is an essential sales, marketing and advertising tool for your business, you have built your business and now you want to promote it using a website. The website should tell your customers everything about your services and information about your products. The content needs to be clear and should reflect your business aims. You should have control over the way it looks, the design and feel and the way it works, all this is determined by the website design.

website design is the process of preparing, planning and building a collection of electronic data files that will determine the content and layout, the colours, text font styles, structure, graphics and images that will form the content pages for your website visitors. Getting a Professional Web designer will help to make your business appear credible to your online visitors.

The team at Macrocatalyst recognises the importance of first impression on your clients. Working with you, we will put together an attention grabbing, website which is informative, friendly and useful to your clients.

Our team consists of WordPress developers, magneto developers to offer you web e-commerce solutions on a wide array of platforms and operating systems.

People don’t just look at websites on their desktop or laptop computers anymore. More and more mobile users are using tablets and smart phones. So we will create web designs that are responsive to the size and dimensions of any mobile device. This helps to make sure all of your prospective visitors have a professional fully optimised view of your website.

Your website needs to convey your message clearly and quickly, you need to make sure the navigation in your Web site design is easy to follow, consistent and easy to use, will help build a fantastic user experience with your visitors.

No matter how good your Web site design looks, it won’t show up on the search engine results pages if it’s not developed and written in a way that the search engines can read.

Once the website is complete we can then help you to market and optimise your website and we also offer Search Engine Optimisation services to ensure that your website ranks well on google and other search engines.

We can even help you with getting your domain name even before you start your website.

The team here at Macrocatalyst are able to provide customized, professional Web design packages that allow you to have a professional website presence. We work to your pace and to your exact requirement. All our designers are experts in using the latest Web site design techniques.