Software Engineering

We are based in Leeds so we can provide you with a local service delivered by an international workforce. Macrocatalyst understand the importance of having the right team with the right mind-set and approach, we define our Software Engineers a IT Professionals who take a systematic approach in the application of scientific and technological knowledge, methods, and experience to the design, implementation, testing, and documentation of software” “Our Engineers then apply a systematic, disciplined, quantifiable approach to the development, operation, and maintenance of the final software”

We know that undertaking a software engineering project can be very expensive so minimise the risk by ensuring we gather all relevant information from our client first to make sure we are fully conversant with the current position, this is our starting point, from here we will then begin our analysis of the current situation and discuss your end point, ie where do you want to reach with the solution that you have in mind.

Our software engineers are employed by you to determines the feasibility of a particular IT solution, they do this by defining and evaluating the problem, they then determine initial solutions and test the solutions to then make sound decisions and they then propose solutions for the client to consider.

The solution normally requires the engineer to explain the rational for a particular approach, the merits of a particular solutions, this in then documented for the client. Various diagrams, charts and presentations are provided depending on the client’s requirements, the intention being for us to provide you with everything you need to make a decision.

We will then wait for you to evaluate our proposal and once you are contents we will prepare and install the solution, normally our engineers will work with you to ensure that you have full understanding of the solutions and will continue to provide you with all the support that you need.

All of our work is maintained on secure servers with limited access to essential staff, we keep all of our operational tasks confidential.

All of Software Engineers will have the appropriate academic and professional qualifications to deliver the solutions, in addition we insist that they have multiple Programming Skills, Software Design qualifications, Experience of Software Debugging, are able to document all of the software that they write, practical experience of Software Testing, real life Problem Solving skills, are able to work on their own or be part of team.

Outsourcing your software engineering can lower the overall cost of the project. In our experience the reduced cost of international human resources in developing third world countries has led to a huge surge of software development activities for companies based in the UK, Europe and North America, Russia and China. We want you to benefit from this, without putting any of your software at risk.

As our client you should feel complete confidence in our staff and what they are able to achieve, we can work for you on an independent consultancy basis or be an outsourced part of your software development team. The choice is yours and we will work with you for best effect.