SEO/SEM Marketing

We are based in Leeds so we can provide you with a local service delivered by an international workforce. Over the years we have improved on our knowledge and kept up to date with new trends in search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). Macrocatalyst understand the importance of having the right team with the right skills set, backed up with the appropriate academic and professional qualifications. All of our SEO Experts professionally qualified in their respective fields and have real life practical experience in ensuring that our SEO solutions get you to the top of search engine rankings.

Having just a website is not enough these days, you have to help people find your site and your services, this is one of the biggest challenges to many business and website owners. SEO these days is more important than ever and it is necessary for every webmaster to understand the true meaning of SEO as well as the potential it creates for every business.

So for those who are new to the term SEO, What is SEO? SEO is essentially a set of rules that must be followed to optimise your website for search engines and improve your search engine ranking. Along the way it will increase the quality of your web site by making it user- friendly, faster and easier for people to navigate. Indeed, some people also consider SEO as a complete framework since the whole process has a number of rules (or guidelines), a number of stages and a set of controls.

In today’s very competitive IT marketplace, SEO marketing is more important than ever. Each search engine serves millions of users per day looking for answers to their questions or for solutions to their problems. If you have a web site, blog or online store, making sure that you are at the top of the rankings can help your business grow and meet your business objectives.

It is now common knowledge that a user is more likely to click on one of the top 5 suggestions in the search result pages of a search engine. So if you want take advantage of this and gain visitors to your web site your website needs to appear in one of the top 5 – 10 positions.

Search Engines such as Google are trusted by users and having a presence on the first page position on Google increases your web site’s trust. SEO is good for the local and national promotion of your web site. People who find your web site by searching Google or Yahoo are more likely to promote it on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media sites.

Careful and planned SEO can put you ahead of the competition. For example, if two web sites are selling the same thing, the search engine optimised web site is more likely to have more customers and potentially make more sales.

Call us to see how we can help you devise a SEO strategy. The results will amaze you.