Game Development

The Team here at Macrocatalyst are based in Leeds and are passionate about video game development. Video game development is the processes that take place in the making of a computer game. The effort is undertaken by a developer or a team of developers, starting from one person to a worldwide team spread across the globe.

Development of successful video games can take a long time and funding and development needs to be planned, generally the funding is provided by the software house or by the publishers of the game and may take many years to complete, so care must be taken to ensure that you have a team of dedicated professionals who will be able to bring the video game to life.

Mobile games usually take less time and can be produced at a lower cost by individuals and smaller developers. The freelance game business has been on the increase with the expansion of latest on-line distribution systems like Steam and Uplay, moreover because the mobile game market, for Android and iOS devices has exploded in recent years.

Commercial game development began in the early 70s with the arrival of first-generation computer game consoles and early home computers like the early Apple Computers

At that time, owing to low costs and low capabilities of computers, a lone programmer could develop a full and complete game. However, with ever-increasing computer processing power and greater and greater expectations from demanding gamers made it difficult for a single person to produce a mainstream console or PC game so by the late ’80s and ’90s, software houses started to employ teams of developers. That’s here we come in!

The average value of manufacturing a triple-A computer game slowly rose, from US$1–4 million in 2000, to over $5 million in 2006, then to over $20 million by 2010.

Mainstream business computer and console games are usually developed in pre-planned design phases. These phases can be defined by you and normally consist of: First look and analysis, pre-production discussion and plans, pitches by the developers, prototypes and testing of the game,  game style and function, finally game and project completion documents are written.

If the concept is approved and the developer receives funding, then full-scale development begins, but only if you are at first satisfied with the project plan and development milestones.

Once production starts it will involve a team of 5–10 people with varied responsibilities, as well as designers, artists, programmers, and testers. Each team members will be given a defined project plan, with responsibilities, milestones and quality expectations.

We are based in Leeds and our software team is dispersed around the globe, this allows us to take advantage of highly skilled professionals who can work over a 24 hours period, ensuring that you are getting value for money and expert support from very highly qualified and dedicated staff.